Poll finds British Muslims offended by images of Prophet but do not condone violence


A Comres survey for the BBC of 1000 British Muslims published today finds that more than two in five (46{286427c60984e496d8f2e542e7d21c54ddb5734529e6fb3e21d1c17283afa115}) feel that being a Muslim in Britain is difficult due to prejudice against Islam.

The survey found an overwhelming majority (95{286427c60984e496d8f2e542e7d21c54ddb5734529e6fb3e21d1c17283afa115}) feel a loyalty to the country, while only 6{286427c60984e496d8f2e542e7d21c54ddb5734529e6fb3e21d1c17283afa115} say they feel a disloyalty.
Nine in ten (93{286427c60984e496d8f2e542e7d21c54ddb5734529e6fb3e21d1c17283afa115}) believe that Muslims in Britain should always obey British laws, but one in four (27{286427c60984e496d8f2e542e7d21c54ddb5734529e6fb3e21d1c17283afa115}) say they have some sympathy for the motives behind the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 09.01.57Regarding the Paris attacks, two thirds (68{286427c60984e496d8f2e542e7d21c54ddb5734529e6fb3e21d1c17283afa115}) say acts of violence against those who publish images of the Prophet can never be justified while a quarter (24{286427c60984e496d8f2e542e7d21c54ddb5734529e6fb3e21d1c17283afa115}) disagree. One in nine (11{286427c60984e496d8f2e542e7d21c54ddb5734529e6fb3e21d1c17283afa115}) feel sympathetic towards people who want to fight against western interests while 85{286427c60984e496d8f2e542e7d21c54ddb5734529e6fb3e21d1c17283afa115} do not.
Half (49{286427c60984e496d8f2e542e7d21c54ddb5734529e6fb3e21d1c17283afa115}) believe Muslim clerics preaching that ‘violence against the west can be justified’ are out of touch with mainstream Muslim opinion, while 45{286427c60984e496d8f2e542e7d21c54ddb5734529e6fb3e21d1c17283afa115} disagree.

More information: BBC website at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-31293196
Download the full survey results here: http://comres.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/BBC-Today-Programme_British-Muslims-Poll_FINAL-Tables_Feb2015.pdf


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