“Dialogue and the Challenge of Extremism
Has Interfaith Gone Wrong?”
Religiously-motivated violence and extremism pose a challenge for interfaith organisations.
What is the best way for faiths to work together to challenge such extremism?
Is public government funding for this work being properly spent?
Has interfaith gone wrong, and how can we make it work?
Are we talking to the right people?

The All Faiths Network has organised this meeting to stimulate discussion on these issues and make a positive contribution to how we can generate constructive, ethical and inclusive interfaith work.


• Opening reflections by Baroness Cox
• Presentation to Baroness Cox by Dr. Iftikhar Ayaz, OBE, Chair of Board of Trustees of All Faiths Network. Followed by short presentation.
• Keynote Speaker: Mr Sam Westrop, Gatestone Institute
• Keynote speaker: Revd Peter Colwell, Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
• Discussant: Mr Douglas Murray, Henry Jackson Society
• Discussant Sheikh Muhammad Al-Hussaini, Westminster Institute
• The floor will then be open to questions and comments
• Solutions and the way forward