Call for Support for World Moral Education Day


All Faiths Network is supporting the drive to request that the United Nations recognises September 30th as World Moral Education Day.

Tens of thousands of people have already signed a petition requesting the UN to consider this. We want as many people around the world to join in with this initiative and make it grow to a truly global movement. Please sign the petition here  

We also want the support of leaders, academics, religions, social groups, NGO to write their own letters of support to the UN and to get the word out and ask their own members sign the petition. Please coordinate with us by emailing to and your letters of endorsement.

The initiative has been started by Abdul Basit Syed who is Founder of World Humanitarian Drive. For more information and action so far on this project go to

Why does All Faiths Network support this initiative? Morals and ethical values are at the heart of almost every religion or belief. Whilst some may disagree on certain points, on the whole, these values are common to all. Peace is certainly one of them and respect for one another is another. The way that our behaviour to one another is guided is through moral and ethical values which religions and other belief systems almost always encourage its members to follow. In today’s world there is clearly a decline in these values and this is certainly at the root of much of the crime, violence and discord we can see around us.

Therefore, adopting and applying strong ethical and moral values can be a major factor in changing the world around us and bringing about better conditions in or own local, regional, national and world environments.

These are core values shared by all and also expressed in a more secular way in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.


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