Online magazine to counter Isis propaganda launched by Imam network


British Imams and Muslim community leaders have launched Haqiqah, an online magazine designed to counter Islamic State propaganda.

Haqiqah (Reality) is produced by, a network of British religious leaders. The magazine highlights the lack of theological basis for messages of hatred from Isis.

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Site editor Shaukat Warraich said: “The frontline for Imams in the 21st century is not the pulpit, it is online, on social media, on YouTube, on Twitter.

“There is a perception that Islamic institutions are not doing enough to fight against Isis but this is clearly evidence that imams are coming together to make themselves heard. British Imams in particular are saying we are going to take this on.”

Senior Imam at the Makkah mosque in Leeds Qari Asim said: “Any solution to the problem of extremism has to come from the community.

“The Muslim community has suffered more at the hands of these extremists than anyone else. It is not in our interests at all to condone what they are saying, it brings our faith into disrepute, it poisons our young people and it fuels anti-Muslim sentiment.”


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