The full-face veil ban – a step towards Big Brother state


The recent ban on wearing a full-face veil in public in Denmark is another step within the European Union that infringes on the rights of citizens to express their identity and faith as they see fit. It is an unnecessary restriction of Articles 9 and 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

This BBC article ( gives a fairly recent summary of how these rights are being restricted around Europe in relation to the veil. These restrictions are a response to, and support of, fear-mongering about Islam. They attempt to be justified on the grounds of ‘security’ and ‘oppression’ of women, and whilst there may be some limited circumstances where such restrictions could be valid, it above all violates the rights of women who chose to wear a full face veil.

The Guardian reports on the first fine issued for violation of the new law here:

A general ban on grounds of security or oppression puts any government in the role of oppressor of a minority and is walking the path towards a big brother state.


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