Upcoming House of Commons meeting: Religion and Interfaith in relation to Empire and Colonialist abuse of power and racism



The meeting will be considering the vexed questions of religion and interfaith in relation to issues of empire, colonialist abuse of power and racism.  This is particularly relevant to the Church of England-led interfaith scene in the UK, and:

  • The treatment or cases of discrimination against black and minority ethnic Christian clergy and lay people within the Church of England
  • The Church of England hierarchy’s control and treatment of other parts of the Anglican Communion, such as the African and Asian Anglican provinces
  • The attitude of the Church of England to non-white, non-Western, non-wealthy persecuted Christians in other parts of the world
  • The Church of England’s treatment of other minority faith communities in the UK (eg. the Hindu, Muslim and Jewish, Minority Religions and the C of E influence on the organisational culture of the Inter Faith Network)

houseofcommonsThe event will take place during the forthcoming General Synod of the Church of England, and invitations will be sent to every single C of E bishop to come, since they will all be in Westminster.

The Christian and non-Christian scholars and clergy on the panel we hope will explore some of the theological and historical aspects of Anglicanism and its relationship to political power and the British Empire, and offer personal testimony from their diverse perspectives.  Among some of our distinguished panellists are…

Bishop Abu Riah Abu El Assal, Emeritus Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem
Revd Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, Director of the Barnabas Fund (supporting persecuted Christians worldwide)
Pandit Satish Sharma, Secretary of the National Council of Hindu Temples
…other eminent speakers currently being confirmed!!!

The Anglican Communion is in the middle of a major debate about race, gender and sexuality, and these questions of racism and colonialism are ones relevant to all of us who are engaged in interfaith in the UK.

  • Are you able to come?
  • Can you put the word around your mailing list and friends if we send you a notice of the event?
  • Is anyone able to help receive/register guests on the day?
  • Is anyone able to help film the event, from two different angles (ie. two cameramen) and is anyone able to edit and create a film out of this?

No money is required, only your moral and in person support. For enquiries about attendance please contact:  [email protected]christianmuslimcouncil.org


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