USCIRF Concerns in the European Union


The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom published 2023 report on Religious Freedom Concerns in the European Union.

It states that “The EU and many of its member states are active in the promotion of religious freedom abroad, yet some EU countries have nonetheless maintained or implemented laws and policies that restrict the rights of religious minority groups or impact them in a discriminatory manner. Members of religious minority groups have reported feeling targeted and unwelcome in certain EU countries and in some cases, unable to lead a life compatible with both their religion and the laws of the country they reside in. This report outlines some of the most notable examples of such laws and policies, which include: restrictions on religious clothing, ritual slaughter, and “sects,” along with laws that target Muslims, impact Jews, and penalize blasphemy and hate speech. The report also discusses the EU mechanisms that exist to combat religious discrimination throughout the region.”

The report details some significant pockets of concern and discrimination in European Union countries


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